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The workplan of the project is based on the following WorkPackages:

  • Risk analysis of human exposure to EMF
    (Zenon Sienkiewicz - HPA)


    Monitor, analyse and identify health risks due to EMF exposure - human studies

  • Risk analysis of exposure to EMF: in vitro and in vivo (animals) studies
    (Bernard Veyret- CNRS IMS)


    Monitor, analyse and identify health risks due to EMF exposure - in vitro/in vivo studies

  • Exposure Assessment in Europe
    (Gyorgy Thuroczy - NRIRR)


    Estimate the distribution of amount and pattern of EMF exposure in the European Union

  • Dose-response assessment and related metric on EMF exposure
    (Elisabeth Cardis - CREAL)


    Exposure-response models will be derived for EMF frequencies and health outcomes identified in the above WPs, to estimate the magnitude of possible risk, taking into account patterns of exposure and potential modifiers, including age

  • Health risk characterization related to EMF exposure
    (Paolo Ravazzani - CNR.IsIB)


    Bring together the information developed in the previous three steps to estimate the possible risk of health effects in an exposed population

  • Inputs on the future risk management phases
    (Guglielmo D'Inzeo - UNIGE)


    Input to communication and risk management processes

  • Coordination of the project
    (Paolo Ravazzani - CNR.IsIB)


    Ensure the basic infrastructure to the Project, to make EFHRAN to proceed as planned

  • Dissemination of the results
    (Paolo Ravazzani - CNR.IsIB)


    Create and communicate timely, accurate, and understandable scientific and public health information on project activities and results (mainly risk analysis and characterization)

  • Evaluation of the project
    (Paolo Ravazzani - CNR.IsIB)


    Estabilish and Evaluation Board (EB) for managing and coordinating activities related to project evaluation;

    Set up a Project Evaluation Plan (PEP) enables to map out and connect the different parts of the projec developing a Logic Model (PEPLM)