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the project

Europe is facing the burden of environmental exposures to new agents, potentially detrimental to health. Among them, electromagnetic fields (EMF) are one of the most diffuse and ubiquitous, especially as many new EMF-based technologies are being developed and commercialized. Research on possible EMF health effects is being carried out by many research centres supported by international and national public or private funding bodies. The extent and diversity of research activities makes it difficult to provide relevant, authoritative and timely input for policy development. Furthermore, assessments can be misinterpreted or inappropriately applied to other sources or exposure conditions. The European Commission will now provide an answer to this need, by establishing the project EFHRAN as the first risk assessment network on EMF and health issues.

EFHRAN has been specifically designed to achieve the following strategic objectives:

  • Monitor and search for evidence of health risks related to EMF exposure
  • Characterize and, where appropriate, quantify potential health risk posed by EMF exposure
  • Enhance the EC's ability to respond rapidly to health issues and concerns related to EMF using scientifically sound advice and analyses
  • Improve the compilation of knowledge and its dissemination on issues related to EMF and health